Farmhouse Renovation

This 1800's farmhouse had all the right charm but the quirky layout and lack of bedrooms prompted the owners to give us a call.  Working closely with an interior designer, the homeowner was able to add modern elements while maintaining the historical charm.  The end result is a comfortable and spacious farmhouse with plenty of room for family and summertime visitors. 

Three Season Porch

The homeowner of a small cape with a spectacular ocean view was looking for a way to enjoy a warm, sunny space during the cooler shoulder seasons. The homeowner and the designer, Frameworks, LLC,  worked closely together to develop a plan that would maximize the views upstairs from a rooftop deck and create a space below where they could gather when the cool Maine weather sets in.  

Carriage House

Our clients wanted a home for their beloved sports car.  Constructed out of rough sawn hemlock and native cedar boarding, the single purpose structure is in keeping with the surrounding architectural style of their home. The custom iron hardware and weathervane was hand forged by local blacksmith, Ridge Forge. 

Coastal Cottage Renovation

New owners of a outdated saltbox in a coastal summertime community wanted to take advantage of the spectacular water views right outside their back door.  In order to do this, the saltbox needed a major facelift.  Paul and crew removed half of the roof to add a large dormer.  This made space for two bedrooms, a full bathroom, laundry facilities, and a sitting room with plenty of windows to take in the sights and sounds of the sea.  An old and awkward spiral staircase was replaced with a comfortable, open staircase that kept the downstairs as bright and airy as the view outside. 

Lighthouse Barn

We were thrilled to rebuild the historic Keeper's Barn at the Marshall Point Lighthouse.  This was a really fun project and we were fortunate to work with may talented subcontractors including Jay Cook Masonry, Isaac Rhodes & Son Painting, Ridge Forge Blacksmith, Jeff Creighton Electric, and TJ's Excavation.  Design by Frameworks LLC.

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Want to learn more?

This project gallery contains bits and pieces of projects that we have completed in the past.  It also shows off some of our timber frame projects.  Click the link below to visit the Gill Timber Frame Co. website.

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